History of Lysice Chateau

The chateau Lysice rangs among the most valuable monuments, combining the charm of family intimacy with a unique series of interiors and unrepeatable atmosphere of the park. All those result from the integration of creative forms of several centuries, being merged in a single harmonic unit, which is an important evidence of our ancestors´ life and integral part of not only regional, but also national history.

     First establishment in this locality is mentioned around the year 1480. It is a stronghold built by Lords of Kunstat. It is not clear if that stronghold stood at the same place like the chateau today. Divis Cerncicky of Kacov had built a renaissance water stronghold on a place of today castle in the middle of 16th century. The family Cerncicky of Kacov took possession of Lysice in 1529. As reminder of the stronghold stands western wing of the castle and a water moat that you have crossed when you entered the place. Next constructional changes, still in renaissance can be dated to the beginning of 17th century. At that time lineage Breznicky from Nachod owned the mansion. The water stronghold was rebuilt into renaissance chateau with arcades placed in the inner courtyard.  Following constructional adaptation comes from 1730. From that time we have beautiful exterior baroque facades of southern and eastern wing.  Antonin Amatus Serenyi had initiate that change. Facades possibly designed well known architect Moric Grimm from Brno. Last building changes in 1807 were accomplished by Emanuel Dubsky from Trebomyslice. Architectural changes were executed by master mason Frantisek Vasicek and his son Kajetan. We think that these two builders created the colonnade with covered pergola, so typical for the castle’s garden. The colonnade replaced in 1807 renaissance gallery. Most of the castle interiors originated in 19th century in historical style. In such appearance you will see the exibition. Family Dubsky lived here until the castles nationalization in 1945. After the World War the II. the chateau was open to the public. A big reconstruction went on in 1966-1972 by KSSPPOP in Brno. Author of the project was PhDr. Jiri Paukert. New tours were open in 1999. Since 2002 the chateau is National Cultural Monument.